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When you have accumulated at least 50 grams of dry gallstones, take 2-3 photos of your gallstones with a good quality camera or mobile phone (minimum 5 megapixels) and put them on a white sheet of paper with a coin (1€ or 2€) or a ruler next to it, and mention, if you have a scale, the weight found.

Take the photo without flash in daylight and with natural light so that the true colour of the stones can be seen. Send us your photos by e-mail to

We will send you our price offer by e-mail.

Unlike other buyers, we buy all regardless of their size, colour or quality as long as they are real stones.

Shipping and final offer

If you accept our offer, please send us your gallstones as follows:

  1. Carefully place the stones in a plastic bag (such as a freezer bag)
  2. Close it carefully by tying a knot at the top.
  3. Take a cardboard box, line it with a thick (minimum 5cm) layer of cotton wool (or bubble wrap or other cushioning material) on each side of the box.
  4. Once the gallstones are in the box, fill in the remaining space with the cushioning material so that the gallstones are well protected.
  5. Then fill in the delivery note precisely and enclose it in the box.
  6. Click here to download the delivery form
    >>> DELIVERY FORM (PDF version to be printed and filled in manually)
  7. Close the box carefully with tape and send us the parcel by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by any other means of transport allowing tracking (Chronopost, DHL, FEDEX etc.).
  8. We advise you to take out an insurance policy when sending the parcel to cover you in case of loss of the parcel (which rarely happens but can happen). If this happens you will be compensated.
  9. The parcel must be sent to the address on the delivery form.
  10. As soon as we receive your package, we will analyse the gallstones, check if they are dry, if they correspond to the photo sent and check their weight very precisely.
  11. We will then quickly draw up a detailed report and a final offer based on the gallstones received, which generally corresponds to the offer made to you when you sent the photos.
If you should finally refuse our offer
we would send you back your gallstones within 8 days.

So it doesn’t cost you anything to try!

HIGHLIGHT: You can make good deals while contributing to a good cause!
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