Who we are ?

We have been buying bovine gallstones from all over Europe and the world for more than 20 years. Located in Strasbourg, in the heart of Europe, we have raised a reputation for reliability, competitiveness and efficiency over the years.

We favour a quality relationship with all our suppliers with whom we share the desire to do business (and good business) while actively supporting humanitarian and environmental causes.

You may not be one of our suppliers yet, so don’t hesitate, give it a try, it doesn’t commit you to anything, contact us!

Cattle gallstones

Cattle gallstones are found in the gallbladder of cattle (cows, oxen, bulls, buffaloes, zebus, etc.) They look like small stones that develop according to the age and diet of the animal and are composed of mineral matter. They are similar to round, oval or pyramidal stones of golden yellow, orange brown or dark brown colour.

Their quality is assessed according to various criteria:

  • their size
  • their colour
  • their state of conservation
  • their texture

Cattle gallstones are known for their therapeutic properties and have been used in Chinese pharmacopoeia for several centuries.

The market value of bovine gallstones

Their market value depends on the quality of the gallstones and this can be very lucrative!

Discover the steps and all our advice on how to sell your gallstones to us at the better performance, from 50 g harvested.
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